"Every man has two countries: his own and France."

H. de Bonnier (1875)


For wine lovers there are numerous opportunities to taste the local wines. Monflanquin is located between four wine regions, each with its own characteristic wines.

In the north, around Bergerac, you can enjoy the fine wines from the Bergerac region. When you drive through the area around Bergerac you will see wine producers everywhere and you can just visit them for a tasting.
The Bergerac area has fresh white wines, rosés and lovely red wines. North of the town of Bergerac there is the small but highly respected Pécharmant area with rich red wines. Just south of Bergerac you can buy the famous sweet dessert wine Monbazillac.

Further east, along the river Lot, you can taste the dark red Cahors wines. Again, many winemakers and producers who love to open a bottle of their product and give you a try. Cahors is known for its red wines; there are almost no white wines or rosés in the Cahors area.

In the south, near Nerac, you can visit the Buzet area: white, rosé and red wine for very reasonable prices.

Finally, in the north-west of the department we have the Duras region. Good wines at reasonable prices.

Monflanquin has a large cave cooperative (Cave des 7 monts) that produces white wine, rosé and red wine.